Covent Gardens Salute to Waseeka's In Command

On September 3rd, 1988 in Cazenovia, NY more than 900 people gathered to honor the contributions of the famed stallion Waseeka's In Command.

The event was hosted by Vincent and Ann DiNapoli of Covent Gardens and Morgan admirers from across the country came to join in the celebration.  The following film clips are of the stallions that were presented that day.

All video was taken by and used with the permission of David Scanlon, Moss Hill Farm

Conky Price is the narrator and has also graciously allowed us to use these clips for historical purposes.

At the time of this event Waseeka's In Command was 23 years old.

Click on any of the names below to go to a video (quicktime) clip of that stallion.

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Centennial Command

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Centurion Command

Deer Run Command

Fiddler Wing Command

Homespun Commotion

Immortal Command


The Preacher

Waseeka's In Command


Fiddler's Ali Command


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