Posted 2008

It was Ayelien Richards that first mentioned that I should contact Wendy Ayers.  Wendy's maiden name was Weber, and she was one of our early New York State Morgan Horse Society members (starting in the late 50's.)

Ayelien remembers Wendy as a gifted young horseperson.  She was also a camper at Mrs. Childs Harolyn Hills farm as well as a camp counselor.

So it seems fitting that we round out our story on Mrs. Childs and Lippitt Mandate by showing how they impacted one of our members, and what happened from there.

I conducted this interview with Wendy in early February (2008) and it's exciting to note that Morgan horses continue to be a big part of her life to this day.

Join me in viewing this fun profile on Wendy and her Morgandy Farms.


And now Click Here to view Wendy Ayers scrapbook...

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