Posted 2007

Marilyn Carlson Childs was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1923. She remembers having an Uncle who would take her in his horse drawn carriage to make milk deliveries when she was four years old. This uncle had a gift for trick-training his horses and Mrs. Childs believes thatís where she inherited her love of horses. Upon his death, she inherited his buggy, sleigh and gold watch.

One thing is very clear and itís that Mrs. Childs (Marilyn to close friends) was born with a love of horses that she possesses to this day.

I was honored to spend a day with Mrs. Childs this past summer, and it is with great pleasure that I'm presenting the stories she shared.

Valerie Low
NYSMHS Club Historian


And now click here to view Mrs. Childs scrapbook....

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