Photo by Sharon Skelly, Gullwing Morgans

Posted 2008

One of my first "duties" upon being handed the NYSMHS "history" archives was to try to organize the many documents that these binders/folders/boxes contained. 

A name that I came across with frequency was Carole Thoms.  Having served as our NYSMHS Recording Secretary from 1968 to 1973 and then as our New York International Morgan Horse Show Secretary for a number of years, Carole was a dedicated volunteer.  In reading through old minutes and letters I was impressed with her diplomacy and organizational skills.

I've been involved with Morgans in the Rochester area for over 30 years, and although I've often heard of Skyloft Morgan Farm I've never had the opportunity to visit with Carole, so this seemed a good time to rectify that.

Carole is soft-spoken about the accomplishments of her Skyloft Morgans, so If you'll join me I'll see if I can do her story justice...

Valerie Low
NYSMHS Club Historian


And now click here to view Carole Thoms scrapbook

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