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Part 2. The first McCulloch farm Horses

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Interview Conducted in the Fall of 2009

Where does one start with a profile on Mary Jean Vasiloff?  There have been hundreds of exceptional Morgan horses that have carried the Whippoorwill prefix, and each and every one of them has been the result of a careful selection of sire and dam.

The Whippoorwill breeding program has had the unwavering goal of producing good tempered, and versatile horses of true Morgan type.  And they've succeeded.

But Mary Jean has dedicated herself to much more than her personal stock, and over 50 years of Versatility events and Open Barns can attest to that.

Mary Jean isn't content unless she's promoting the Morgan Horse, and that generally entails reaching beyond our circle of Morgan friends and into the general public.

Whippoorwill horses have been great ambassadors for our breed and show how you can "do it all" whether it be dressage, carriage, pleasure, trail, and all the while being good Morgan citizens at the same time.

We owe a great deal of thanks to Mary Jean, who has made the promotion of our breed her life's work.  I'm honored to present her story on the following pages. 

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Valerie Low, Historian/ NYSMHS