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Sandy Wooding and Orcland Linda in  1960

Orcland Linda 


Welcome to our NYSMHS Member Spotlight

The New York State Morgan Horse Society is made up of a unique group of people that all have the love of their Morgan in common. Much like a family, we often see each other at trail rides, horse shows, club meetings and have done so for many years. But even knowing each other as well as we do, there is still much to be learned.

 This section of our website is designed to allow you to hear audio interviews with our friends, and listen to the story of how they became involved with the Morgan breed. By following the links below you'll be able to hear a short audio interview with each of the following people.

Every month I'll try to add more interviews and if you're a Morgan owner and a member, we'd like to include you. So please don't be shy. Contact our Historian, Valerie Low at

Interviews to date include:

Barbara Hemstreet & Serenity Hill Farm

Gail Bellamy & Justanuff Country Morgans

Jo Anne Smail & Forget It Morgan Farm

Sandy Wooding (Acadia Morgans)

Vicki McKane (Frog Pond Stables/FPS)