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In between Traders?  This section of our website offers up club news, as well as notes submitted by our readers that are relevant to our New York Morgan members.  You can submit information for this area of our website by using this email link.  Items are posted with those most current listings first.  Photos are also welcome!



9/7/2012 -
On behalf of the NY High Score program, Patti Waring is looking to buy back some of the high score statues from past years (these are the Jeanne Mellin trotting horses on the bases.) She's willing to pay $50 for statues in mint shape (they're going back into our program for future awards). Please contact her at or 315.437.6189 to make arrangements. If you're not hand delivering them to her, you're responsible for postage and any damage that occurs during shipment. She also notes that payment is upon inspection, they have to be mint. She only needs a small amount, so the sooner you contact her if you do have some, the better.

5/10/2012 -
Got this today from one of our dedicated youth members*....

Hi! My name is Megan Scritchfield and I have been a member of NYSMHS for six years. For the last three years, I have assisted in organizing the “Ride for a Cure” program that benefits the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation. All of the equitation classes at the Western District show can be ridden in honor or in memory of someone who has been affected by this horrible disease.

Roswell has created a website specifically for our Society to collect online donations. Whether you can attend the show or not, please consider reaching out to sponsor one of our riders and donate any amount that you would like. All of the proceeds go directly to Roswell in the fight against Cancer. If you choose to sponsor someone, you can use this easy online donation site.

When you’ve completed the transaction, just let your rider know so they can record your donation! There will be a small ceremony at the show recognizing the highest earners!

I am very proud to be part of this generous and compassionate organization and I hope we can raise money for this very worthy cause!

Thank you,


*Please consider helping Megan and the other dedicated riders that are working to this good cause.

5/8/12 -
From Christine Sackett: The NYSMHS Dressage Clinic with Michelle LaBarre held this past weekend (May 5th and 6th) at Finger Lakes Morgans in Bath, NY was a huge success again this year (our fourth year in a row).

Over the two days, Michelle gave eighteen individual lessons, and the riders and horses all made noticeable progress. Although Morgans were most represented, there were a number of other breeds this year (a Friesian, an Andalusian cross, a Connemara cross, several Thoroughbreds, an Appendix Quarter horse and even a Warmblood).

Quite the range of shapes, sizes and even colors! This variety made the clinic especially interesting and educational for those auditing this year and, of course, Michelle also made it a lot of fun.

On behalf of all who attended, I would like to give a big thank you to Finger Lakes Morgans( Nick and Robin Pelham and Danielle Rice) for their generosity in hosting and sponsoring the event. The new PA system was fantastic! I would also like to give a special thank you to Michelle LaBarre for inspiring all of us with her knowledge of, and passion for, dressage.

2/11/2012 - Membership contact update, from this date forward, please send any membership renewals or questions to Valerie Low,

Get your 2012 NYSMHS Combined prize list at this link.  It's a 4.5MB file so be patient.

On December 3 at the annual meeting of the NYSMHS held at the Comfort Inn in Syracuse, the proposed Bylaws were adopted by the membership. At this time, it is important for all members of the Society to have a printed copy of the newly adopted document. If you do not have access to the internet and the Society’s website to download a personal copy for your records, please contact Al Celecki at (585) 624-3687. Or, send a request to Al Celecki, Cum Laude Stable, 339 Smith Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. A printed copy will be mailed to you.

To begin this overview, we need to take note of the fact that the now adopted Bylaws are a total re-write. The document’s format reflects the current standard for Not-for-Profit (NFP) organizations incorporated under New York State (NYS) Not for Profit Law. There is no longer a separate Constitution. The text goes into far greater detail then what was accepted language fifty plus years ago. The length of the written document and the descriptive language used is not to be feared. The detailed wording exists to guarantee that the Society’s stated goals are protected and advanced by those holding leadership positions. Within these Bylaws, there exists a set of checks and balances to ensure ethical administration of the Society’s finances, programs, events, and the interests of the membership.

The first noticeable change in the Bylaws appears in Article II- Membership. The classes of membership are now defined as voting and non-voting. Additionally, six dues designations exist. Changes to the designations include a change in name; “Single” now appears as “Individual,” and an “Entity” membership has been added. The other change within membership deals with members rights. A “Family” membership now allows for one vote, instead of two. The accepted practice is: one set of dues, one vote. Those who previously held “Family” memberships and want to maintain two votes have a couple of options: one being to maintain the “Family” membership and add an Individual membership or to add an Entity membership in the name of the farm business. Additionally, the NYSMHS may now include among its members other NFP organizations, and businesses with interests related to the NY Morgan community.

Moving through the document, one notes greater emphasis on the Board of Directors. Previously, the governing body was directed by a president. The governing body, made up of the Board of Directors and Officers, now shares both the workload and the responsibility for governance. Greater emphasis is placed on communication between the Board of Directors and the standing committees. The Bylaws describe a more formal nature to the conduct of the Society’s business with the introduction of language describing Notice of Meeting, Waiver of Notice, Voting Rights, what constitutes a quorum, the forms used in voting, a ballot/proxy, and the resolution of disputes within the organization. Our Bylaws provide a better understanding of the relationship of committees and the governing body, and provide more formal guidelines for the use of the Society’s funds.

The new Bylaws establishes a date of membership for voting purposes, formally addresses tabulation of votes, methods of submitting one’s vote, use of proxies, and retention of voting records. The document then describes how the Society is managed, further defines the tasks of the individual officers and the Directors, and permits for the Society’s governing body to conduct its business through the use of teleconferencing.

Our new Bylaws introduce the topic of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and Full Disclosure for those who serve the Society in an official capacity. There is language concerning the Indemnification (hold harmless) of Directors, Officers, and employees, as well as defining the extent of one’s personal liability when holding a position of leadership. Finally, the text provides language addressing the Society’s records: who bears responsibility for reporting to the membership; the frequency of reporting; where records need to be housed; and how and when the transfer of leadership occurs.

The Bylaws provide a framework for the Society. This document can best be equated to the framework of a house. Now that our Bylaws are compliant with NYS NFP Law, it is the job of the NYSMHS to define its policies and procedures, creating a standard of operation both for those who serve in leadership positions, and for the members.

The Bylaws Committee would like to thank the membership for its overwhelming support of our work which encompassed the better part of two years. We look forward to continuing the work needed to establish a set of policies and procedures for the Society. And, to provide the membership with opportunities to revise the Bylaws as needed.

Al Celecki, our newly elected President, has asked that the current Bylaws Committee: Patty Casler, Carey Churchill, Diane Garrow, Joe Gaigal, and Marion Gaigal, continue to serve as the Bylaws Committee for 2012. Please address your suggestions for revisions to either a Bylaws committee member or to your Director.

Best regards for a joyous holiday season, may all our Morgans have their stockings filled with treats!

Patty, Carey, Diane, Joe, and Marion

5/2/2010 - Committee Chairs, check out your committee lists on our contact page and if there are new additions or changes please send them along to me at so that I may update the list.