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The NYSMHS High Score program

A longstanding recognition program (dating back to the early 60's) the New York State Morgan Horse Society's High Score Awards are given out at the close of each year at our annual banquet.


Winners are the horses or exhibitors that score the highest number of points from NYSMHS approved shows as well as other shows with "A" rated Morgan Divisions.  Dressage, Promotion, Trail at Shows, Pleasure Trail and Carriage are also included with slightly different qualifications.


Specific eligibility requirements and selection criteria is printed in the front of our NYSMHS membership directory.

High Score Program is now FREE for all NYSMHS Members!

All NYSMHS Members can participate in the High Point Program (this includes the Dressage program) at no cost! As before, each member is responsible for submitting an entry with their show results. 


Click on the form link above for a document to help track a horse’s results by each show. These can be sent with the entry form. For USEF Rated shows, there are ways to find results online for the year by horse’s name. (Contact Patti Waring for details)

Remember – points start to accumulate from the date of your membership. This means that you need to be a member before you start to show!! SO if you start showing in May but don’t join the club until September at the Regional Show – only ribbons from September and on will count!


For our Jr. Exhibitors – both you and the owner of the horse you ride must be members of the club to participate in the Jr. Exhibitor and Equitation Categories.


Awards are given out at the Year-End Banquet.


The NYSMHS Junior Exhibitor Team Challenge Award

This award is presented to the Junior Exhibitor–Horse team that accumulates the most points in a single seat at (3) USEF rated shows in New York. Along with the Jr. Exhibitor pleasure classes, equitation classes from each show will be counted. (Showmanship and Fitting & Show classes are considered as equitation classes.)


If the team shows at more than (3) shows, shows with the most points will be included. Points from the NYSMHS Western NY and NYSMHS Regional shows will automatically be counted towards the award.


If the Junior Exhibitor–Horse team shows in multiple seats, the seat with the most points will be used for calculating point standing. The team will only be entered in the award once. (I.e. if the team shows in Hunter Pleasure and Western Pleasure, only one seat will be used for calculating points.)


Junior Exhibitors participating in the Walk-Trot division will be included in this award.


Junior Exhibitor MUST be a member of the NYSMHS. Accumulation of points begins with the beginning (or renewal) of the membership. Points earned prior to the membership will not be counted. Points will be awarded per the NYSMHS High Score program with all shows carrying the same point weight and championship classes counting double. Entrance for award consideration is automatic.


A Champion and a Reserve Champion award will be presented at the NYSMHS Year End Banquet. The NYSMHS Junior Exhibitor Team Challenge Award is sponsored by Sue Gramse.  Contact Sue by phone or snail mail should you have questions. Or by emailing Patti at

Other Awards & Honors for our Members include...

-NYSMHS Promotional Award*

   -Silver Horseshoe* - congratulations to our 2022 winner, Annette Bakic

   -Junior Horseperson of the Year*

   -Jerry Kropp Memorial Carriage Award*

   -Seaway Admiral Willie Award*


*Awards announced at our annual High Score Banquet


AMHA Honors

   2013 Masters Award - Sue and Ron Gramse

   2011 Masters Award - Mark Langdon

   2010 Masters Award - Steve Herz

   2010 Masters Award - Barbara Irvine

   2009 Masters Award - Pat Ross

   2009 Masters Award - Roberta Marshall



USEF Honors (TBA)


Are you a New York Member that has received an honor from an official equine organization?  If so, please send in information using this link...


Click here to view a list of past honorees....



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