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Note: This content came from the inside front cover of the NYSMHS 1968 Directory, as issued by the NYSMHS


“In the summer of 1950, a small group of Morgan owners in and around the Buffalo area succeeded in getting breed classes for Morgans at the Erie County Fair at Hamburg, N.Y. Five Morgans were shown and interest in Morgans in the Buffalo area was stimulated. There was some talk of organizing a western New York Club but, nothing was done at the time. READ MORE

Interested in Learning More?

The NYSMHS has a Historian (Valerie Low) that oversees the storage of physical and digital club archives.  At this time we have the following assets as listed below:


- Minutes from most of our NYSMHS meetings from 1954 on (digitized.)


- NYSMHS Directories for every year since the club's inception (digitized.)


- Prize lists for every NY Morgan Horse Show (digitized.)


- Assorted photos from past activities (some digitized, some in original form in scrapbooks.)


- Most previous Trader newsletters (digitized.)


-Other assorted physical materials including but not limited to; two historical quilts made by NYSMHS members, trophies from past NY Morgan shows.


Club members have access to our Members Only area and it’s there that previous minutes and Trader newsletters are available for download.


Club members are welcome to email with questions requesting specific materials, and we’re happy to try to help.

Our Storytelling Project

Approximately 10 years ago, the NYSMHS approved a historical “storytelling” project whereby the historian interviewed influential seniors that had made their mark on our club.


To date there have been over 35 interviews conducted, and we will be offering them up to members and non members alike, so that all can appreciate their words of wisdom.  


Each profile included video as well as a full article.


Articles are available as pdf documents emailed to you upon request.  Our full index of profiles is available on this sheet.


Email us at this link to request articles.





At this time we're in the process of moving content to our Youtube channel so that the delivery is improved.


Follow the progress at this link to view those already posted:



In the meantime, feel free to enjoy these memories....

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