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What's Up with the NYSMHS?

Member Meetings, Trail Rides, Shows, we've got them all.  Click on the links below for more information.  
Next up....our Our Yearly Budget Meeting for the NYSMHS will be Sunday October 25th at the Comfort Inn on Buckley Road, Syracuse, NY. The meeting room will be available at 12:30. The Budget Meeting is an open meeting; NYSMHS members are encouraged to attend. Committee and Show Chairs will discuss their 2016 planned budget at this meeting

General Meetings are held twice a year,  a Mid-Year meeting around May or June,  Then a Year-End meeting, usually the first weekend in December.  


Tentative information regarding the Mid-Year meeting is:  April 9th, VFW Schuylerville, NY.  Contact Sue Friday at

Trail Rides

No information at this time.


Western NY Morgan is our kick off show in May, with the NY Morgan Show wrapping up the season in September.  You can view specific show information at this link.

Other Events

Our two biggest annual events are the NYSMHS High Score Banquet, and the NY Stallion Service Auction.  The High Score Banquet is traditionally the first Saturday of December. However this year it will not be held due to COVID-19.


Information regarding the next NY Stallion Service Auction can be viewed on the official website for that event at this link.

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