President's Message January 2022

As you know, the club has been under the esteemed leadership of Coby Holowacz for several years and I would
like to express my sincere appreciation on behalf of the club to Coby for the countless hours of service she has
given this club to date. From my brief tenure as the new President of this organization, it has become clear to
me that we have many volunteers like Coby that care about the Morgan horse in New York State and bring their
talents and time to the table for us. We are here to ensure the Morgan horse stays viable in New York State and
that our programs that promote the Morgan, such as the stallion service auction, futurity, shows and awards
programs, continue to thrive and support the Morgan horse in New York State.

With so many programs to offer our members, we are always on the hunt for new, enthusiastic and positive volunteers!
If your passion is the Morgan horse, please consider volunteering your time for our organization. It can
be as simple as volunteering for a very small role at one of our shows or serving on a committee to serving as a
committee chair. We need a strong volunteer force to keep all of our events on track so please consider reaching
out to me at to let me know how you can help.

I would like to thank Kris Hamilton for her tireless service as the editor of this newsletter for the past several
years. Kris did a fantastic job for us and we are so grateful for her services. Whitney Roberts has stepped up as
the new editor of the Trader --- thank you Whitney!

While I continue to get my feet wet with the workings of this club, please feel free to reach out to me with any
questions, concerns and solutions you have moving forward. I look forward to working with all of you in the
coming year!

Kate Kirsch