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New York Morgan Regional Championship Show
September 14 - 17, 2022
New York State Fairgrounds

NY Morgan Regional Show News: The dates are Sept 14-17, 2022 at the NYS Fairgrounds. 


Judges will be Sarah Gove, Jordan Cusumano-Freeman, with Phil Price as the call judge for the Sweepstakes classes. Charlotte Trentelman will be the judge for the Dressage, Western Dressage and Sport Horse In-Hand divisions.


The prize list can now be downloaded at this link.

Dressage times for NY at this link

ATTENTION NY MORGAN WESTERN DRESSAGE COMPETITORS: Please be advised that there was a change to WD102.8 (Participation in Western Dressage Competitions; WDAA Membership) at the end of last year.


As result, to participate and/or compete as an “exhibitor, owner, lessee, agent, coach, or trainer in any Western Dressage Class” at the 2022 New York Morgan Regional Championship Show

(September 14-17 at the New York State Fairgrounds) you must be an active member of WDAA.


Alternatively, you may pay a non-member fee. Because the amount of the non-member fee is the same as the annual WDAA membership fee ($35 for general membership, $25 for junior membership), we encourage you to join WDAA prior to the show if you have not already done so.


Be sure to include your WDAA membership number and a copy of your membership card with your entries.