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A chilly and rainy weekend didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of participants in NYSMHS’s 2-day Dressage Clinic held at Fortress Farm in Castle Creek, NY.  With 9 rides each day, ranging from Introductory to Prix St. George, and on a variety of breeds, clinician and USEF judge Margaret Boyce provided an educational and informative experience for all in attendance.

Riders and auditors alike had the opportunity to learn (or re-learn) basic exercises for improving gaits and rideability. Margaret continuously emphasized inside leg to outside rein as crucial to creating thoroughness which is needed for correct bend and forward, rhythmic movement.  She concentrated on the importance of a following (not blocking) hand to allow the horse to move forward.  During the course of the two days, Margaret rode nearly every horse to illustrate for the rider how seat, hands, legs come together in creating ~ based on each individual horse ~ improved gaits, bend, and transitions.

Five NYSMHS members rode in the clinic (four of them on Morgans), and several other members came to watch.   Cori Olin and PVF Million Dollar Baby (“Rallie”), Dinah Guarino and WMS Laurel’s Shining Star (“Laurel”), Deb Kieffer and PVF Song of the Siren “(Belle”), Annette Bakic and Twentieth Century Fox (“Bentley”), and Karen Fedczuk and Buddy worked with Margaret and were delighted with the results.  All wanted to know when the next clinic will be held!  

Sincere appreciation to Mary Reynolds, Fortress Farm, for generously hosting the 2-day event at her marvelous facility.   

Sport Horse Committee Chair:  Robin Anne McNabb