The New York State Morgan Horse Society's Stallion Service Auction is identified as one of the oldest breed stallion auctions in the country.  Suffice it to say, the presence of a global pandemic created near impossible conditions for any form of normalcy in the operation of equine activities.  Certainly, the New York Stallion Service Auction, NYSSA, like so many other equine events, could be identified as a victim of the pandemic.  We are writing directly to you as a Morgan breeder and stallion owner to ask you to consider participating in the New York Stallion Service Auction, a long-standing program, created so many years ago, as a means of promoting and preserving the Morgan horse.


How does one address a perfect storm?

Now, in its 32nd year, the NYSSA has a new look to its website, and current facebook postings. We have internally looked at the payout structure and have instituted a true $5,000 Bonus Award for the stallion owner.  We are in the process of designing a "Friday Night of the Sweeps" for the 2021 NY Morgan Regional Show, and have identified alternative show sites in anticipation to the closing of the Syracuse International Fairgrounds, by New York State's Governor.  We have sought and received Corporate Sponsorships to enhance existing funds creating the September, 2021's event. We are discussing the creation of a performance class for two-year olds at two other Morgan events, to be sponsored by NYSSA, as a lead-up to the NY Regional Show.  We have been busy identifying a site for the 2021 auction, settling on del Lago Casino in Waterloo, NY, located immediately adjacent to the NY Thruway and January 30th, 2021 as the Auction's date. Shane Darnell, Equine Sports Council, has been hired to attend to promotional advertising, and livestreaming of the event. Preparation for conducting the event totally online (should the pandemic shut down casinos) is being addressed. The list is far too many to include all, here.


If the restrictions put in place by a global pandemic hadn't been enough to shut down NYSSA, sending the committee to the "ropes," certainly the creation of a mega Superior Stallion Service Auction seemed to be the final "blow" for the long standing Morgan event.  Much like the little horse that wouldn't quit, we need the Morgan community, the stallion owner, Morgan trainer/s, such as yourself, to generously donate your stallion for the upcoming 2021 Auction.


The focus of the NYSSA is to promote the beautiful Morgan stallions throughout the year, 24/7, along with their get!  Not just prior to the Auction, not just listing their name and what they sold for in a one time ad, but throughout the year with constant updated postings.  To bring back the presentation of the breed's finest in photos and text.  To make the NYSSA website and facebook a "go to" site for the breed.  To offer to the Morgan community a "Show of Shows" at NY Regional, and to join with other Morgan events to strengthen support for the breed.  


NYSSA needs participation from Morgan breeders to accomplish this!  We need #MorganStrong to put forth a listing of Morgandom's finest stallions for the 2021 NYSSA Auction.  Your donation of just one breeding to your stallion would be very beneficial to the event.  The Morgan earned the title as "America's Horse!"  In a not so small way, the NYSSA brings the Morgan horse to many small breeding farms, who in turn supply many riders with their first experience with the Morgan horse.  Our goal is to make Morgan ownership available to equine enthusiasts of all types. Can we count on you to help us accomplish this goal?


With much appreciation and acknowlegement of all you have done and continue to do for the Morgan, we look forward to your response. Please contact us with your donation at:


Sincerely, Marion Gaigal, chair

NYSSA Committee: Coby Holowacz, Judy Manchester-Vassie, Lynn Peeples, Rebecca Cooper, Jeff and Amy Bessey, Karen Lassell, Cate Lynch, Katie Murray, Shane Darnell, ESC

Visit the official NY Morgan Stallions Website at this link.